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Characters and tales are hiding in street signs, on house fronts or in the sky. They love to hide inside objects we see every day, which are so familiar they’ve become invisible to us. You just have to find them, bring them back to the light and tell their stories! Each one has its own feelings and imagination.

The workshop will guide kids towards the discovery of photography as a means of expression, a way to share their experiences with the world, and also as the chance to show their own vision and let it last through time, through the choice of a single fragment of reality.

At the workshop, kids will learn how to tell their own stories, express their own perceptions and relate their own experiences through the use of images.

The course will show how to dwell upon a moment in time, discovering in a light, ironic way what hides behind things we often only see on the surface, often without even noticing their presence.

At the end of the course, kids will have reached a greater awareness in their use of photography, getting past the casual approach and starting to be young photographers.



Teaching photography offers kids a chance to learn to see things differently, even when the subject matter is very familiar: toys, friends, where they live. Photography could open new perspectives on the world, because:

– Photography allows to learn to make decisions, each photo begs the questions “what’s the main subject in this case?”, “what should I most be pointing out?”, “Which angle should I take this from?”, “What do I want to tell others through this image?”;

– Photography is a moment of growth. Creating something new successfully improves self-confidence. Even shy or reserved children will manage to join in with active participation, without staying out of the game. The technical medium they will learn to use will allow them to ‘hide behind the camera’;

– Photography is an art that allows self-expression in a creative manner;

– But most of all, photography is fun! What matters is to have fun. A child who takes up photography never gets bored, as he or she will always have new things to do and new photos to take. Armed with a camera with fully charged batteries, there’s always something fun to snap, be there sun, rain or snow!


The workshop can be directed to children from 7 to 14 years old.


Extra >> in the final days of the workshop, the experience could be brought to an end with the creation of a small hand-made artefact: a storybook put together by the kids themselves using photographic images, which each kid can take home afterwards.

This would mean that in the final phase of the workshop (after choosing the photos, custom-printing them and putting them together) the kids would be assisted in an actual moment of practical book crafting: they would be taught to create small books of photos to take home, allowing them to keep a physical handmade object of their own and not just end up with many renamed image files left to be printed someday in the future.